Your SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online with YONO

Gone are the days of rushing to an ATM or bank branch just to set up your new SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online With the ever-evolving YONO SBI app, generating your PIN is now conveniently accessible from the palm of your hand. This article serves as your step by step guide to navigating the process seamlessly, ensuring a secure and stress-free experience.

Prerequisites: SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online

Before embarking on your online PIN generation journey, ensure you have the following handy:

  • Active YONO SBI app: Download and install the latest version of the YONO app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Valid SBI internet banking credentials: You’ll need your login ID and password used for accessing your SBI online banking account.
  • Registered mobile number: Ensure the mobile number linked to your SBI account is active and receiving SMS messages.
  • New SBI debit card details: Keep your 16-digit card number, expiry date, and date of birth ready for verification.

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The Step-by-Step Process:

  • Launch the YONO App: Open the YONO app on your device and log in using your internet banking credentials.
  • Navigate to “Services”: Once logged in, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner. Select “Service Request” from the options displayed.
SBI yono lite Services Your SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online with YONO
SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online
  • 3. Choose “ATM/Debit Card Services”: Under the “Service Request” menu, locate and tap “ATM/Debit Card Services.” This opens a submenu specifically catering to debit card needs.
select debit card option jpg Your SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online with YONO
SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online
  • Select “ATM/Debit Card PIN Activation”: From the “ATM/Debit Card Services” submenu, choose “ATM/Debit Card PIN Activation.” This option allows you to set or change your PIN for existing debit cards.
  • Input Card Details: Enter your 16-digit SBI debit card number, its expiry date in MM/YY format, and your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format. Before continuing, make sure the information is accurate.
  • Generate OTP: Click “Generate OTP.” An One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. This serves as a security measure to confirm your identity.
  • Enter OTP and Choose PIN: Within the allotted timeframe, enter the received OTP in the designated field. Then, choose a four-digit PIN of your preference. Remember, choose a strong and memorable PIN that is not easily guessable, avoiding personal information like birthdates or anniversaries.
  • Confirm PIN and Submit: Enter your chosen PIN again in the confirmation field to ensure accuracy. Finally, tap “Submit” to finalize the PIN generation process.

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Post-Generation Steps:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully generated your SBI debit card PIN online. Remember:

  • Keep your PIN confidential: Never share your PIN with anyone, including bank personnel. Treat it with the same level of secrecy as your bank account password.
  • Memorize your PIN: Avoid writing down your PIN anywhere; instead, try memorizing it. If absolutely necessary, write it down in a secure location not easily accessible to others.
  • Beware of phishing scams: Never enter your PIN or any other sensitive information on unsolicited emails, websites, or phone calls. Always initiate transactions directly through the YONO app or authorized SBI websites.

Additional Information:

  • You can change your PIN at any time through the same process mentioned above.
  • If you forget your PIN, you can generate a new one through the “Forgot PIN?” option within the “ATM/Debit Card PIN Activation” section.
  • For any issues or assistance during the process, feel free to contact SBI customer care through the YONO app, or website, or by calling their toll-free number 1800 11 2211.

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Benefits of Online PIN Generation:

Using YONO to generate your PIN offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: Save time and effort by skipping trips to the bank or ATM.
  • Security: The app’s secure environment minimizes the risk of exposing your PIN to third parties.
  • Accessibility: Generate your PIN anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet access.
  • Control: Change or reset your PIN easily and conveniently whenever needed.


Generating your SBI debit card PIN online through YONO is a simple and secure process, empowering you to take control of your finances with ease. By following the steps outlined above and adhering to safe practices, you can enjoy the convenience and security of online PIN generation while protecting your hard-earned money.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to SBI Debit Card PIN Generation Online:

General Questions:

  • What is YONO SBI?
    • YONO SBI is a multi-functional mobile banking app offered by the State Bank of India, providing various financial services and features.
  • Why generate a PIN online?
    • It’s convenient, saves time, can be done 24/7, and offers a secure process.
  • Can I use other methods for PIN generation?
    • Yes, you can also generate a PIN using an ATM, SMS, or internet banking.
  • Is there a fee for online PIN generation?
    • No, it’s a free service.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Who can generate a PIN online?
    • Existing SBI customers have a registered mobile number and a debit card linked to their account.
  • What do I need to generate a PIN online?
    • The YONO SBI app, SBI internet banking credentials, registered mobile number, and debit card details.

Process and Security:

  • How long does the process take?
    • It usually takes a few minutes.
  • Is the process secure?
    • Yes, YONO uses secure encryption and authentication measures.
  • What if I don’t receive the OTP?
    • Check network connectivity or contact SBI customer care.

Troubleshooting and Assistance:

  • What if I face issues during the process?
    • Seek assistance through SBI customer care via the YONO app, website, or toll-free number.
  • What if I forget my PIN?
    • Generate a new one using the “Forgot PIN?” option within the app.

Additional Information:

  • Can I change my PIN later?
    • Yes, you can change it anytime through the same process.
  • Are there any restrictions on PIN choice?
    • Avoid using easily guessable numbers like birthdates or repetitive patterns.
  • Does the PIN activation happen immediately?
    • Yes, you can use your card with the new PIN right away.

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