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Do you want to protect your valuable information? Are you worried about unauthorized charges going through your account? Don’t worry, you can easily block your SBI Debit Card for security purposes.

Block Your SBI Debit Card

Your SBI Debit Card is a vital part of your financial life. It allows you to make purchases and withdrawals at many places around the country. You also use it to withdraw money from ATMs. Protecting your card is crucial if you want to keep your finances safe. Blocking your card means that nobody will be able to use it without your permission.

You can block your SBI Debit Card in a few different ways. This article will serve as your lifeline, covering every possible option to quickly and successfully Disable or Block your SBI debit card. Through SMS, BY Call, through Net Banking, and visiting your Branch, we’ll arm you with the information you need to take back control of your finances. So, before anything bad happens, take a deep breath, grab your phone, or go to the SBI bank that is closest to you, and let’s have that card cancelled.

Identifying the options:

a) Through Phone Banking:


  1. Dial the toll-free number: Call SBI customer care at 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 from your registered mobile number.
  2. Navigate the IVRS: Listen carefully to the prompts and select the appropriate options to reach card blocking services.
  3. Provide account details: Enter your account number or debit card number when prompted.
  4. Confirm the card: Verify the last four digits of the card you want to block.
  5. Request blocking: Clearly state your intention to block the card to the customer care representative.
  6. Receive confirmation: Note down the reference number or receive an SMS confirmation for successful blocking.

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b) Using SMS:


  1. Compose the SMS: Open your messaging app and type “BLOCK XXXX” (replace XXXX with the last four digits of your SBI debit card).
  2. Send it to the designated number: Send the SMS to 567676 from your registered mobile number.
  3. Await confirmation: You’ll receive an SMS confirming the blocking of your card along with the date and time.
Image of example SMS for blocking SBI debit card
Block Your SBI Debit Card by SMS

c) Online Banking:


  1. Login to your account: Access your SBI online banking account using your username and password.
  2. Locate the card services section: Navigate to the “Card Services” or “Block/Hotlist Card” option within the menu.
  3. Select the card: Choose the specific debit card you want to block from the list of your cards.
  4. Confirm the request: Click on the “Block Card” button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Receive confirmation: You’ll receive a success message on the screen and a confirmation email or SMS.
Block Your SBI Debit Card by Net Banking How Can I Block Your SBI Debit Card by SMS / Online / Phone / Yono
Block Your SBI Debit Card by Net Banking

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d) Visiting your SBI Branch:


  1. Visit your nearest branch: Find the SBI branch closest to you and physically visit the premises.
  2. Approach the customer service desk: Inform the bank representative that you need to block your debit card.
  3. Provide the necessary details: Present your account details, debit card information, and any other relevant documents.
  4. Complete the process: The bank staff will verify your identity and block the card immediately. They’ll also guide you in requesting a replacement card.
istockphoto 1475770376 612x612 1 jpg How Can I Block Your SBI Debit Card by SMS / Online / Phone / Yono
Block Your SBI Debit Card by Branch

Additional Tips:

  • Remember the last four digits: For SMS and online blocking, knowing the last four digits of your SBI debit card is crucial. If you are unsure, locate your account statement or card document beforehand.
  • Report the loss: After blocking your card, consider filing a police report for a lost or stolen card. This documentation can be helpful for insurance claims or future legal proceedings.
  • Request a replacement card: Once your card is blocked, contact SBI customer care or visit your branch to request a replacement card. The new card will typically arrive within 7–10 business days.
  • Monitor your account: Regularly check your SBI online banking or statement for any suspicious activity even after blocking your card. Report any unauthorized transactions immediately to the bank.

Additional resources:

Remember, staying calm and acting quickly is key when blocking your SBI debit card. By following the methods outlined above and remaining vigilant, you can minimize the impact of a lost or stolen card and ensure the safety of your finances.

FAQ on Blocking your SBI Debit Card

Q: When should I block my SBI debit card?

Q: What information do I need to block my card through each method?

Q: What happens after I block my card?

Q: Can I unblock my card after it’s blocked?

Q: What should I do if I find my lost card after blocking it?

Q: Do I need to file a police report after blocking my card?

Q: How can I prevent my SBI debit card from being lost or stolen?

For any further questions or concerns, you can always contact SBI customer care through their toll-free numbers (1800 11 2211/1800 425 3800) or visit your nearest SBI branch.

I hope this FAQ section clarifies any further queries you might have about blocking your SBI debit card.

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